Our hearts go out to our community

At this moment, we are aware of COVID-19 and its impact on big and small businesses. We hope that you, your family and your employees are safe during this difficult time.

247PRO continues to operate and provide client support. As the situation continues to evolve, we wish you, your family and your team all the health and safety.

As our continued effort to help our user community, we have donated over 5000 masks to hospitals, nursing homes and non-profit organizations, we are now also sending you free masks as a gift for new and existing subscribers.

Thank you for supporting our business!

Proceed with free trial

This is how to qualify for free masks.

Paid members will receive 50 free masks when you either:
    1. Become a new paid member within 10 days after joining 247pro.com.
    2. Change your active subscription from monthly to annual. Check your subscription status here.
    3. Refer a friend or colleague to become a paid member.
Members can also receive 10 masks when you either:
    1. Activate your company website with your custom domain.
    2. Provide a review on Google.

Once you become qualified, we will send you an email and notify you that your gift will be sent to your registered company address. If we miss it or you would like to follow up on the status, feel free to send us an email to support@247pro.com.

Surgical mask gift program details and limitations:

1) We have limited supply and this program is active while supply lasts. 2) Limited one gift per account 3) Up to 60 masks are given to an account 4) Referred users must subscribe after their free trial 5) The masks were purchased from the open market, we will not guarantee the brand of mask you get, nor will we guarantee the legality or effectiveness of these masks. 6) Due to the “shelter in place” order, we cannot guarantee how quickly our clients will receive their gift. We will only mail out the gifts once a week.

Once again, thank you all for your business and we wish you and your family to be safe and healthy.